Monday, May 21, 2007

Sharing you Podcast

You can share your enhanced podcasts with others who use iTunes (or a photo iPod or a video iPod). The enhanced podcast is an m4a file, which is an proprietary format. The audio component can be saved as an mp3. However, listeners of the mp3 file won't see the still images that you project. To learn how to share you files, click here!

Add jingles and photos

Ready to add jingles and photos to your podcast? Photos make your podcast a truly enhanced podcast. The user needs iTunes to watch an anhanced podcast, but iTunes is available for both the Mac and PC. Watch this screencast now!

Creating a voice track with Garageband

This screencast covers the creation of a voice track using Garageband. The sound of the voice from the Garageband podcast might sound a little strange because this file deals with sound within a sound. There is audio on the voice track in Garageband, and there is audio on the screencast that describes how to use Garageband. Watch it here!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Garageband Environment

This screencast shows you the Garageband Environment. It might help to print out the Garageband Cheat sheet.